Paperwork Reduction Act

on Implementing the Final ESA Compensatory Mitigation Policy This document provides interim guidance for implementing the Service’s CMP. The guidance provides operational detail on the establishment, use, and operation of compensatory mitigation projects and programs as tools for offsetting adverse impacts to endangered and threatened species, species proposed as endangered or threatened, and designated and proposed critical habitat under the ESA. Within 6 months of completing revisions to the ESA Compensatory Mitigation Policy (CMP) (or deciding revisions to the CMP are not necessary), FWS will revise the interim implementation guidance (to be consistent with the revised CMP) and make it available for public review and comment in the Federal Register for 60 days. Within 6 months of close of the comment period, FWS will publish the final implementation guidance in the Federal Register (Note: we anticipate that the implementation guidance may need to be reviewed under the Paperwork Reduction Act, which may affect the timeline). The anticipated benefits will be timely and practicable mitigation recommendations by FWS staff to energy developers (and others) that promote conservation of species and their habitats. Success will be measured by incorporation of recommendations without delays to the permitting or licensing process. The FWS Headquarters will issue a memorandum to Regional and Field staff reiterating the limited applicability of the CMP’s mitigation planning goal and that decisions related to compensatory mitigation must comply with the ESA and its implementing regulations. K. Neodymium Magnets Interior is reviewing bureau reports of the work conducted to identify requirements relevant to climate that can potentially burden the development or uses of domestically produced energy resources. Most of the bureaus found no existing requirements in place. A couple of bureaus have non-regulatory documents (i.e., handbook, memo, manual, guidance, etc.) that inwardly focus on their units and workforce management activities. Interior is reviewing these to better understand their connection to other management, operations and guidance documents. Neodymium Magnets The Neodymium Magnets rescinded its Permanent Instruction Memorandum (PIM) 2017-0