set am/pm

Figure 4 To avoid electrical hazards and damage to the timer, only one valve should be connected to each station. See Figure 4 Solenoid Wire Nut To Timer Valve Common Wire 4. Connect Electrical Transformer Power Connect power connector to the timer. Insert the transformer into an 120V electrical outlet. See Figure 5 5. Activate Battery One Lithium CR2032 battery (included) is required to retain the program in memory during power loss. Annual replacement is recommended. Remove the plastic strip to activate the pre-installed battery. (See page 12 for battery replacement) Note: The battery alone will not operate the valves in your sprinkler system. The sprinkler timer has a built-in transformer that must be connected to an AC voltage source. 6 24VAC SENSOR COM 1 2 3 4 5 6 Station 1 Strip wire Push in and tighten screw Only connect one valve to each terminal (station) or damage will occur Figure 4 Figure 5 24VAC SENSOR COM 1 2 3 4 5 6 Remove plastic strip to activate battery Connect the transformer here Section 3: Programming with Easy-Set Logic™ A note about multiple programs Your sprinkler timer provides the flexibility of using 2 independent programs (A, B). The programs are where you store all of your sprinkler settings. Each program consists of a group of stations set to specific start times and run times. Multiple programs allow you to run different valves on different days with different run times. While many applications only require one program (A), using multiple programs (A, B) can be useful for drip areas, newly planted lawn, or rotary sprinkler stations. Using programs to group stations with similar water needs will maximize irrigation efficiency. Primary programming can be accomplished in just a few basic steps. Primary Programming Press the [RESET] to clear any previous factory programming 1. Set Date and Clock • Turn dial to [DATE/CLOCK]. • magnetic ringsPress the [+/–] buttons to set the current time of day, then press [ENTER] or [ ]. Tip: To increase or decrease more rapidly, hold down either the [+] or [-] buttons until the display goes into rapid advance mode. • Press the [+/–] buttons to set am/pm, then press [ENTER] or [ ]. • Y/M/D will appear (blinking letter indicates selection). • Press the [+/–] buttons to set the correct year, then press [ENTER] or [ ]. • Press the [+/–] buttons to set the correct month, then press [ENTER] or [ ]. • Press the [+/–] buttons to set the correct date. • Press [ENTER] or turn dial to accept date. 3. Start time • Turn dial to [START TIME]. • Press the [+/–] buttons to select time you’d like your watering to begin. (time will adjust in 1 minute increments) The display will show 7 • Press the PROGRAM button to select which program you’d like to set. STATION is the area that will be watered by each valve. On this screen the RUN TIME or duration for each station is set. • Press the [ ] to select a station and press the [+/–] buttons to enter the watering duration for that station. • Press [ENTER] or the [ ] buttons to move to the next station/valve, and enter watering duration for