Set am/pm Dates

4. How Often • Turn the dial to [HOW OFTEN] – this screen allows you to set how often to water. There are 3 options provided: 1. Days of the week (Mon, Tues, Wed, etc.) 2. Intervals (Every “X” number of days) 3. Odd or Even Days Please note that [START TIME] is the time of day that your programmed watering starts. You can set up to 4 start times at each program if you want to water more than once per day. All stations that have a programmed run time (how long) will run in sequence at each start time. Note: Start-Time Stacking When a start time is set before the previous program has completed, that start time will be “stacked” or delayed, and will start upon completion of the previous program. Example: Bill just planted new grass ring magnet
seed and wants to water three times per day. He sets START TIME 1 for 5am, START TIME 2 for 12pm, and START TIME 3 for 5 pm. He sets the INT (interval) to water every 1 DAYS (see section 3, HOW OFTEN). In AUTO mode the system will water 3 times per day. Once Bill’s sod is established he can CLEAR start times 2 and 3 and return to watering just once per day. 3. Run Time • Turn the dial to [RUN TIME]. 8 Example: Odd: 1st, 3rd, 5th, etc. Example: Even: 2nd, 4th, 6th, etc. Turn the dial to [AUTO] and that’s it! You have programmed your timer! Turn dial to [AUTO] to activatemagnetic rings your program. Note: If your program is lost, the factory installed failsafe program will turn on each station every day for 10 minutes. Note: Your prior programming will not be disturbed unless altered. Always be aware of the program you are in (A or B) when you are making changes. Reviewing and Changing Your Program If you want to review or change the start times, run times, or how often to water, simply follow the directions again for that option. After reviewing or changing a watering schedule, remember to turn the dial back to [AUTO] for automatic operation. Section 4: Additional Features Rain Delay [RAIN DELAY] allows you to delay your sprinkler timer from watering for a set period of time. Delay settings are 24, 48, and 72 hours. • Turn dial to [AUTO] Days of the Week • Your dial should be set to [HOW OFTEN]. – Press the PROGRAM button to select which program you’d like to set – Press the [ ] buttons to move from one day to another. – Press [+] or [ENTER] to select a day for watering. A frame will appear around the selected days. • To delete a previously entered day, press [-] or [CLEAR]. Example: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday Intervals • Use the [ ] buttons to move to the INTERVAL option “INT”. • Press [+/–] buttons to select the number of days between watering. Example: An interval of 1 will water every day; an interval of 3 will water every 3rd day, etc. Odd or Even Days • Use the [ ] buttons to move to the ODD or EVEN day watering. – Press [+] or [ENTER] • Selecting a different option or pressing clear will erase the previous selection. 9 10 • Press the [RAIN DELAY] button to automatically delay watering for 24 hours. • If a longer Rain Delay is desired, press the [+/–] buttons to increase or decrease the setting. • Press [ENTER] or wait 10 seconds and the selected rain delay will begin. • [CLEAR] button stops the rain delay and scheduled watering will resume. • At the end of the selected rain delay amount of time, automatic watering resumes. • While in rain delay mode, the timer display will switch between the actual time and the remaining hours of the delay, every 2 seconds. Water Budgeting Water Budgeting is a simple way to adjust your watering duration to match seasonal watering needs. Water Budgeting works by increasing or decreasing watering duration for all stations in each program. Press the [PROGRAM] button to select the program you wish to budget. Adjustment range is from 10% to 200% by increments of 10%. The default value is 100%. The budgeting will remain on the adjusted range until you change it. To set budgeting: • Turn dial to [BUDGETING] • To adjust press [+/–] buttons, press [ENTER] • If using multiple programs (A, B, or C) Press the [PROGRAM] button to move to the desired program and make the needed adjustment Example: Bill’s watering duration is set at 60 minutes however; it is the spring time so he wants to water half as long so he sets his budgeting to 50%, his timer will now water for 30 minutes. Manual Watering Your timer has the ability to allow you to manually water without disturbing the preset program. • Turn the dial to [AUTO]. 11 • Press the [MANUAL] button. Display will show A B and ALL. After a few seconds or by pressing [ENTER] the timer will begin manual watering. • All stations will water consecutively for their programmed duration.